Hand Made – Center for Contemporary Architects

Contemporary Architects Association of Iran (CAAI), summer of 2014.

  • Faryar Javaherian, curator
  • Elham Razavi, Founder and Director of CAAI

First Exhibition of Iranian Architectural Sketches.

For its inauguration, the CAAI wanted to have a memorable exhibition and its director, Mrs Razavi chose me as curator. I always wanted to curate an exhibition of architects’ handmade sketches and would have loved to begin with those of Houshang Seyhoun, a great Iranian architect who studied at the Beaux-Arts and left the legacy of hundreds of beautiful handmade sketches. Unfortunately, neither the Tehran Museum of Contemporary Arts nor Seyhoun Gallery were willing to lend me any of his sketches. But I was able to include some of them in the small brochure.

I was also able to borrow sketches of Hossein Amanat and Nader Ardalan from Canada and the US and included six other architects, namely Iraj Kalantari, Ali-Akbar Saremi, Hossein Sheikh-Zennedin, Faramarz Sharifi, Bahram Farivar-Sadri and Fereydoun Bader.

I am grateful to all of my friends who attended this opening, and most of all to Abbas Kiarostami who always supported me in my artistic activities.

See the catalog (PDF).