Iranian Calligraphers’ Society

LocationDezashib, Tehran
Area5000 m2
ClientTehran Municipality
Budget400 000

The iranian Calligraphers’ Society complex is a renovation and extension project situated in Dezashib. The main building is the 80 year-old house of Hessein Alan which was 70% destroyed, and 5500 sq-m of garden.

The main concept of the renovation was to rebuild the building as it was and place anything new — such as the structural reinforcement and new additions – at a distance from the existing building. In this way two languages of architecture are juxtaposed to each other and in a state of dialogue.

A few buildings were added to this complex, such as the greenhouse, the public restrooms, exhibition halls and a cafeteria. The landscaping concept was to crate a Persian garden on the front of the building and visible from the street, with very transparent arcades, and a Japanese garden hidden behind and more favorable to meditation.

This complexe is now in process of being registered as a landmark by the Cultural Heritage Organization.

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