Adel House

LocationAbesard, Damavand
Area250 m2
ClientAdel Yaraghi

Adel Yaraghi was a friend and disciple of Abbas Kiarostami. We often met in Abbas’s house – and home office – where Adel was working for him on several projects. Adel’s first long feature – KNOWING LEILA – was based on a scenario by Kiarostami and was about a man who tries to quit smoking, which Abbas himself had been doing many times, but unsuccessfully…

Adel bought a 3000 m2 land in Abesard, on the road from Damavand to Firouzkouh, and asked me to design a small cabin for him for he had the construction permit for only 60 m2. But little by little the project developed into a 250 m2 villa which was getting built as we produced the execution drawings for the developer.

Abesard literally means “cold water” and has a very cold climate with heavy snowfall, and warranted the sloped roofs. It is based on the principal of a traditional Iranian house in Northern Iran, but of course with a modern twist. I visited the project several times while it was being built, but have not seen it since it was completed.

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