Pardis Pars Park

LocationTehran Pars, Tehran
Area7000 m2
ClientBarnameh & Pazhouhesh Consultants

Pardis Pars Park, now renamed Police Park is situated on the northern side of Tehran Pars which is a large community on the East side of Tehran. The park is really large, 52 hectares, but is divided in two by a 35-meter wide boulevard. The northern half was first designed by Paseban Hazrat, but then given to my cousin’s consultants firm, Barnameh o Pazhouhesh. It was important to create a very grand entrance to this park and my cousin, Ali Raoufi-Rad, entrusted the design to us because he knew of our involvement in Persian Gardens.

Unfortunately, the executive drawings and the supervision of construction were not done by our office and the final result of our grand entry design came out a lot different as can be seen in these photographs posted on the internet.

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